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Ensure the ongoing operation of your machines and gearboxes. For superior machine spare parts and effective gear repair, trust Vortec in Bensenville, IL. As your machining and fabrication partner, we reduce production delays caused by machine breakdowns. Count on us for precisely tailored gears that perfectly match your machinery requirements.


Meticulous Craftsmanship for Perfection. Our commitment to precision drives every project. From custom designs to flawless manufacturing, we ensure accurate gear solutions that optimize machinery performance and reliability.

Modern technlogy

Innovative Edge through Advanced Technology. Embrace the future with us. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we deliver cutting-edge gear solutions that redefine industry standards, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every aspect.


Our Gear Manufacturing Services Include

Internal Spline

Internal splines complement external splines, effectively preventing movement between components during torque transmission.

Planetary Gear

In the epicyclic gear system, the planetary gear revolves around the central sun gear, optimizing rotational dynamics and power distribution.

Shaft with Gear and Spline

Efficiently transmit torque and rotation across distant components through our shafts, enhancing connectivity and performance.

Spline Shaft

Transfer torque seamlessly using splines – the ridges on the drive shaft. They interlock with grooves, ensuring precise torque transfer with maintained angular alignment

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Quality Gears at Affordable Rates: Source top-notch machine gears affordably at Vortec Bensenville, IL. Serving diverse sectors like oil, food, energy, and healthcare, we’re your trusted gear manufacturer. Reach out today for expert solutions to your gear needs.