Vortec Gear & Machining

Precision Gear Solutions

Searching for dependable machine gears? Vortec in Bensenville, IL offers effective solutions for all your machinery requirements. Utilizing advanced equipment, we deliver superior quality drive gears promptly. Elevate your machines’ performance with our reliable drive gears.


Uncompromising Precision Engineering. Our meticulous craftsmanship ensures precision solutions that exceed expectations. Trust our expertise for accurate and reliable results that elevate your projects.

Modern technlogy

Innovative Solutions through Modern Technology. Embrace the future with us. Our cutting-edge technology empowers us to create forward-thinking solutions, driving efficiency and excellence in every project we undertake.


Drafted and Produced Gears

Experience Smooth Machinery Operation. At our company, we prioritize seamless gear modification tailored to your unique machinery and gearbox requirements. Our skilled engineers draft and produce precision machine parts, ensuring perfectly fitting gears for optimal performance. When you partner with us, expect your machinery to operate flawlessly, like well-oiled clockwork.

Gearbox Optimization

Enhance Performance with Precision. Unlock peak efficiency in your machinery with our gearbox optimization. Our experts fine-tune gear systems for seamless operation, elevating your equipment's overall performance and longevity.

Custom Gear Design

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs. Rely on our expertise for custom gear design that meets your specific requirements. From concept to creation, we ensure precision and functionality, enhancing your machinery's capabilities.

Gearbox Repair and Maintenance

Sustain Reliability, Minimize Downtime. Trust us to keep your machinery running smoothly. Our gearbox repair and maintenance services ensure minimal downtime, maximizing your equipment's reliability and lifespan.

Gearbox Component Manufacturing

Quality Parts for Optimal Performance. We manufacture high-quality gearbox components to exact specifications. Count on us for reliable and durable parts that contribute to the flawless operation of your machinery.

No matter the challenge, we're here to help. Reach out for tailored solutions that address your unique needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.